BRID's patented L.E.A.P. Technology (Led Enabled Advanced Photocatalysis) destroys different classes of indoor
pollutants transforming them into harmless substances. Our unique nano-structured ceramic filters last up to 10 years,
you won’t have to worry about costly replacements.


BRID improves the quality of the air you breathe every single day.
The patented nano-structured ceramic filters effectively break down a wide variety of pollutants,
transforming them into harmless substances. They don’t stick to the filters: they are vaporized, really gone!


BRID is the first modular air purifier.

You can choose your configuration according to your needs. Add up to 3 power modules to
speed up the cleaning process or deal with larger environments. Swap modules between
different devices and integrate add-ons and accessories. BRID's distinctive modular
architecture allows future upgrades to be easily implemented and cost effective.

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